Thursday, 16 November 2017


I have in my stash over 20 pairs of earrings in various designs, occasionally I give them away and they also end up at one Christmas Market a year. However, it seems so sad that most of the time they never see the light of day.  I myself do not wear them as they are all for pierced ears.  So to vary my stock a little for this year's Christmas stall I made some different ones, here are two pairs.   I also intend to package them in individual boxes, will show you when that is done.

Actually I really should make a pair for myself with clip on findings so that I can wear them and show people what they look like.


Thursday, 9 November 2017

Pop-a-bobbin shuttles for sale

As Christmas is on the horizon and before the weather became too cold to work in the garage, more shuttles were made and have been transported to Jane,  some have been sold but the rest will be in her Etsy shop in the next few days.  Here is her blog 

This is a picture of a Tulip Wood shuttle placed on top of a tree.  The tree has birds in it made from different woods, one of which is of course Tulip Wood.

The full list of woods left to right clockwise are, beech, Yellow heart, Pink Ivory, Purple heart, Bocote, Snakewood, Tulip, Ebony, Sycamore and Ash.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Charity Shop Shuttles

About once a year I am lucky enough to pick up some tatting shuttles from the Red Cross Charity Shop in a town 3 miles from where I live.    I try never to miss visiting this shop, it is in an old building, not very big and you have to go right to the back where the haberdashery bits are tucked away. It is amazing what other bits and pieces I have picked up in the past from the shop.

Here is a picture of everything packaged or put neatly in baskets

Oh and the amazing thing is the shuttles were only 50p each!  Probably because no one knows what they are for.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Displaying Bracelets

I am sure that I have said this before, tatting is so difficult to display and therefore I am always trying to find new ways of attracting people to look at it when I have a stall. At the same time is is necessary to give customers an opportunity to handle the goods and look at the workmanship. 
This is the latest addition to my display stands.

I am not sure it is going to work but will give it a try next month.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Not Tatting!

I have not picked up a tatting shuttle for over a fortnight now as I've been crocheting these Lego tissue box holders for a Christmas Market.  I do hope they sell as really value my time and hope it has not been wasted, especially giving up other crafts for them.

I am aiming to make at least a dozen, but finding that just 8 of them are taking up so much room.  So used to tatting which can be put into the smallest space.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

One Off!

I am delighted to say that the doily is at last finished, all I need to do is tidy up the threads that have been left around after any such project!   As I worked from round to round on this doily I did not write the pattern down, because really do not think that it will ever be made by me or anyone else!  So this is definately a one off!

It is 20" wide and I am actually not keeping it, someone requested this doily back in July, the only stipulation was that it was green, large and had to be completed by Christmas. She has not seen it yet so hope she will be pleased.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Emergency Supplies

So regret starting this doily but I am now getting on fine with it, just have a few false starts on every round as I attempt to get the pattern and tension right.   I do have a variety of balls of green but found myself running out of the essential colours so went to e.bay to get these emergency supplies. Really needed to match the colours and not be too random with them.

I am particularly fond of the two balls of green on the right and look forward to using them in the future with another project.

But here is the doily so far which is taking up so much of my time.

The next picture you will see is of it finished.  Hurrah!