Monday, 17 July 2017

Coffee and Cream Finished

After signing for a delivery today I noted that it is 7.7.17 which is so cool!  However, it is not so cool weather wise because we are in the middle of a heat wave in the UK, but that is fine with me.  Also I am trying to recover from the Art Exhibition that was held in one of our churches over the last three days, it actually took another three days to set up, so pleased it is now over.

Amongst, mostly works of art to hang on the wall, there were other items on display such as 'Im in the Garage' wooden creations and some of my tatting.   So I have pleasure in announcing that both the tatted mats that I displayed were sold and this is one of them, only just finished on time.

I am really pleased that it has been sold, rather than putting it away in a box, although I might have found a home for it especially as it fitted quite well on this table.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Designs for Life

The Women's Institute participated in a Wellcome Trust-funded project, to create textile art representing the health related research that takes place at Diamond. In collaboration with The Oxford Trust and Diamond, the WI created 30 panels that depict diseases such as HIV, Alzheimer’s, and breast cancer, as well as iconic scientific images such as diffraction patterns, a DNA fingerprint, and even a synchrotron.
Under the guidance of leading textile artist, Anne Griffiths, over 1000 scientists and members of the WI contributed to the art project, making Designs for Life one of the largest science and art fusion projects ever to have taken place in the UK. 

I visited this mobile exhibition 'Designs for Life' in the nearby town of Romsey last week and one of the panels that immediately stood out was this one, it represents 'Foot and Mouth' which is a very infectious disease that effects cattle and has caused many a farmer to loose his livelihood.    You can just about see a piece of tatting in the middle and some bits around the side, the only panel to have any.

I am finding it difficult to blog at the moment due mainly to an Art Exhibition which is to be held this coming week.   Hope to catch up with my own tatting soon. 

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Bags and purses

Whenever you go on holiday it is always good to bring back some presents and souvenirs from your trip.   I fell in love with these brightly coloured and ornately decorated items.   The lovely big bag being my absolute favourite.    All of them I purchased whilst in Cambodia using U.S. dollars, which was the currency they preferred to be paid in. However, there was no loose change just straight dollar notes,  everything was rounded of to the nearest dollar.

I have been too tired to do much tatting since arriving home, still seem to be on a different time zone.    The Art Exhibition is about a fortnight away and I must finish the 'Coffee and Cream' mat that I am working on.

Saturday, 24 June 2017


I have been away for just over two weeks visiting Singapore and Cambodia and returned home last night.  We have had a fabulous time meeting so many interesting people and places. Next to none tatting has been accomplished as I was either too busy or it was too hot.

This is a bookmark on top of a Cambodian flower which was placed on our bed every night together with a Buddhist story.

Whilst we were in Cambodia we visited the famous Angkor Wat Temples, here are just a few pictures out of so many.

Angor Thom with its many faces

and this temple with trees growing around and through it, almost swallowing the entire structure

To a temple made from red stone.

The Khmer people were so kind and the area so beautiful that you could not help just fall in love with the place. 

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Coffee and Cream

When I took this doily to show some people at the Computer Club last week, a person suggested that it be called 'Coffee and Cream' because of the colours.    As you can see I have now tatted another three rounds, but each round seems to be taking me ages to work.

It now measures 17" x 14" and I plan to continue so that it gets a little larger. Although of course the size is now governed by the amount of thread that is left in my stash. 

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Dress Trim

I don't tat very much around clothes, although saying that the surplice I wear when conducting church services is adorned with tatting and gets many comments.    This dress, which I made, seemed to shout out for something else, it is patterned but I felt it needed to be enhanced with a few borders of tatting.

So I tatted around the neck and armholes using Mary Konior's Shepherd's Hey, it does seem to work.     But my heart is really on the large doily that I am making and really enjoying seeing it grow.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Noah's Ark

Yes I am still tatting the doily and so enjoying working on it, but instead of boring you with another picture of it, decided to show you another of 'Im in the Garage's' handiwork.   This Noah's Ark was made many years ago, in fact he made about half a dozen of them and all have been sold, accept for this one, and is now going to our grandson.  I will be sorry to see it go, but it is much better to have some play value out of it instead of just sitting on a shelf.

There is a tatted elephant on the wooden one but it is difficult to see, all the animals fit in the ark in a particular order, including Mr. and Mrs. Noah. The bottom of the boat slides back to reveal a rainbow jigsaw. 

And of course the giraffes stick their heads out of the top!  All hand painted by myself.